Rise of the Tomb Raider: From Risky Venture to Cultural Icon

Following the methodology developed by Douglas Holt and Douglas Cameron in their book Cultural Strategy: Using Innovative Ideologies to Build Breakthrough Brands, I present my own analysis of how the Tomb Raider video game franchise rose to international iconicity in the 1990s.


Of Polygons and Performativity

This is my thesis statement from my Senior Degree Project in Painting. It examines issues of gender and consumerism in video game culture through a specific analysis of the popular Tomb Raider game franchise. A body of work involving 15 paintings and digital works was created as the basis research foundation for the statement. 


“Don’t Fight Nature”: Representations of Women in Ogonek and Rabotnitsa, 1968-1977

Born in the fall of 2012, this is an ongoing independent project in the process of being prepped for review and possible publication in an academic journal. Based on extensive research with Soviet social periodicals Ogonek and Rabotnitsa, this paper analyzes the ways official publications in the Soviet Union presented the notion of womanhood to female citizens from 1968 to 1977. It reveals the extent to which the imagery of the period was gendered, emphasizing traditional gender norms even as lip service was being paid in writing to the ideal of women as workers.


Research Proposal: Contemporary Women's Activism in Russia

A proposal outlining a research project based in Moscow to analyze women's grassroots organizations and other social movement actor platforms. Specifically focusing on feminism, this project seeks to understand how women are engaging or disengaging with feminist agendas in the sociopolitical sphere of President Vladimir Putin's authoritarian regime. 

Digital collage featuring Lara Croft of Tomb Raider and a found image of a flight attendant from my research with Soviet social publications.